Tempe Book Bike Program Aims to Boost Literacy to Underserved Communities

  “A Tempe Marine veteran is putting literature on two wheels to deliver library services to people who are homeless via the Tempe Book Bike Program. The program is housed under the Tempe Public Library, which is the closest public library to ASU’s Tempe campus. The program acts as a mobile book service that allows … Continue reading “Tempe Book Bike Program Aims to Boost Literacy to Underserved Communities”

Redwood City: Library Takes Novel Approach to Breaking Stereotypes

“‘Our intention is to provide opportunities for dialogue and getting to know people on a different level,’ said Derek Wolfgram, Redwood City library director. ‘It’s really an invitation for people to get to know their fellow community members. … It’s easy to demean someone when you don’t know anyone like them.’ The experiment, The Human … Continue reading “Redwood City: Library Takes Novel Approach to Breaking Stereotypes”

Why a New Zealand Library’s Books Kept Vanishing, Then Reappearing

“‘It was really odd and we couldn’t quite figure it out,’ Auckland Libraries manager Rachael Rivera told The Guardian. ‘We thought someone was playing with us, or it was bored kids.’ It was only in one of their regular meetings with the library’s homeless patrons that the solution revealed itself. Unable to get library cards without … Continue reading “Why a New Zealand Library’s Books Kept Vanishing, Then Reappearing”

Librarians Across America Are Using Their Powers For Political Good

“The current administration’s early stances on civil liberties are troubling,” he said. “There are indications that they would support changes that could curtail free expression, whether it’s ending net neutrality or changing libel laws to make it easier to sue someone for saying unpleasant but true things about you.” Read more

Kansas City Public Library Embraces the Homeless

“It’s pretty important to the Kansas City library that we’re welcoming of all our patrons, everyone who chooses to be here. It doesn’t matter if they’re housed or not. That’s not an issue. Every citizen can use the library,” said AmeriCorps worker Emily Luedtke. Read more


featured links economic justice government homelessness & housing hunger law & public policy library & info science poverty research social exclusion   featured links Community Voice Mail Community Voice Mail numbers are distributed at no cost based on demonstrated financial need, lack of reliable phone service, or pursuit of a goal for work, housing, healthcare, … Continue reading “Organizations”


featured links basic needs books children & families community building funding & grants law & public policy library services for poor people periodicals personal accounts research aids social exclusion statistics teaching aids   featured links “Classism in the Stacks: Libraries and Poor People” Sanford Berman, Street Spirit (February 2006) www.thestreetspirit.org/Feb2006/libraries.htm “Low-Income Working Families: Facts and … Continue reading “Resources”

Everybody Reads Picks Evicted

“Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City” , by Harvard sociologist Matthew Desmond, will be the focal point of the Multnomah County Library’s 2017 Everybody Reads community reading program. Desmond follows eight Wisconsin families who struggle to pay their rent. The book has received much critical praise – The New York Times described it … Continue reading “Everybody Reads Picks Evicted”

Project Uplift

Project Uplift, an information resource fair coordinated by the Salt Lake Main Public Library, Salt Lake City Corp. and Volunteers of America-Utah, brought direct service providers, nonprofit agencies, government offices and private sector partners under one roof as a resource for homeless people and people at risk of being homeless, said Deborah Ehrman, Deputy Director. … Continue reading “Project Uplift”