Open Doors: Library Service to Excluded Groups

ALA Midwinter Meeting 2006 Announcement Two ALA units are sponsoring an open discussion of library service to excluded groups, including low-income families and homeless people. Midwinter Meeting participants are invited to attend and to share program-planning ideas for the 2007 ALA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. The program will be coordinated by the Office for … Continue reading “Open Doors: Library Service to Excluded Groups”

In Defense of Food Stamp Programs

When Congress recently threatened to cut support for food stamp programs, the Food Research and Action Center responded. FRAC prepared a 117-page document, “Editorials, Columns, and Op-Ed Pieces in Opposition to Food Stamp Program Cuts,” which compiles nearly 80 articles from dozens of newspapers across the country. The clippings treat a variety of issues, ranging … Continue reading “In Defense of Food Stamp Programs”

Congress Gets Pay Raise; Minimum Wage Unchanged

Members of Congress recently passed a pay increase for themselves to the tune of $3,100. Approved by President Bush and effective January 1, 2006, their base salary will be $165,200. Congress’ annual pay bump stands in stark contrast to the federal minimum wage, which has not been raised for eight years … since September 1, … Continue reading “Congress Gets Pay Raise; Minimum Wage Unchanged”

Street News Service

The North American Street Newspaper Association and have jointly launched the Street News Service. SNS is a gateway to the best articles, essays and features written by and about homeless and low-income people. These articles are collected from the pages of street newspapers—enterprising publications produced by low-income communities in over 40 cities across North … Continue reading “Street News Service”

Implementing ALA's Poor People's Policy

Issued in 2000, this document originally appeared in Library Juice vol. 3, no. 10 (March 8, 2000) and later in Progressive Librarian no. 18 (Summer 2001) p. 74-76. ALA/SRRT’s Hunger, Homelessness, and Poverty Task Force is making the following RECOMMENDATIONS FOR ACTION IN IMPLEMENTING ALA’S “LIBRARY SERVICES FOR THE POOR” RESOLUTION (aka ALA’s “POOR PEOPLE’S … Continue reading “Implementing ALA's Poor People's Policy”

Who Are America's Poor Children?

The National Center for Children in Poverty has just published a new report in its Child Poverty in 21st Century America Series. “Who Are America’s Poor Children?” notes the following: Twelve million children live in families with incomes below the federal poverty level—which is about $16,000 for a family of three and $19,000 for a … Continue reading “Who Are America's Poor Children?”

Indiana Library Starts Info Service at Homeless Center

The Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library has opened an Information Center at Horizon House, a homeless day center in downtown Indianapolis. The information center includes three personal computers from which visitors are guided directly to the Library’s Infoport Portal Page and easy-to-access resource links, streamlining the process of receiving the information they need and reducing unnecessary … Continue reading “Indiana Library Starts Info Service at Homeless Center”

Just a Little Understanding: A Social-Service Provider’s Perspective on Homeless Library Users

by John Gehner and Kali Freeman This information is provided in conjunction with the Infopeople Webcast “Library Services and the Homeless: A Legal Perspective,” presented by Mary Minow and available here. How well do you know the lowest-income members of your community? Does your library invite their input for decision-making? Are you aware of their … Continue reading “Just a Little Understanding: A Social-Service Provider’s Perspective on Homeless Library Users”

Are Public Libraries Criminalizing Poor People?

In the wake of recent news reports, the Hunger, Homelessness & Poverty Task Force wishes to express concern about public libraries adopting punitive policies clearly targeted at homeless people. “Odor policies” of the sort enacted by San Luis Obispo County, California, and the “civility campaign” launched by Salt Lake City Library to “teach the homeless, … Continue reading “Are Public Libraries Criminalizing Poor People?”