Mayors Examine Causes of Hunger, Homelessness

The U.S. Conference of Mayors and Sodexho Inc. today released their annual report on hunger and homelessness, with survey data collected from 23 participating cities.

According to the press release:

  • The main causes of hunger in survey cities are poverty, unemployment and high housing costs.
  • Food Stamp benefits [are] not keeping up with the increasing price of food.
  • The most commonly cited way to reduce hunger is through more affordable housing.
  • Among households with children, common causes of homelessness other than of the lack of affordable housing are poverty and domestic violence.
  • Among single individuals, the most common causes are mental illness and substance abuse.
  • During the last year, members of households with children made up 23 percent of persons using emergency shelter and transitional housing programs.

More information and statistics can be obtained from the complete report (PDF):