Hervey Family Rare Book Room Tour

Join HHPTF (for FREE) on Thursday, June 27 from 5-6pm (PDT), at the Hervey Family Rare Book Room, which houses the Wangenheim Rare Book Collection. With over 9000 items, the collection illustrates the development of the book through the ages, in all its aspects – the world of paper making, the art of book illustration, and the history of printing.

We will get refreshments after our special tour!

All are welcome. If interested, contact Lisa Gieskes, Librarian,

The Hervey Family Rare Book Room


Worcester Libraries Facing Inquiries

Outside Worcester Public Library Wednesday. Allan Jung/ Telegram & Gazette

“We are proud that we are a safe space for so many and we are constantly working to make sure it is truly a safe space for all,” said Jason Homer, executive director of the Worcester Public Library. “We have to set clear expectations with those who may be in crisis to ensure everyone’s experience is one rooted in safety and equity.”

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Brooklyn’s New Affordable Housing Development is Built on Top of a Public Library

“A rebuilt branch of the Brooklyn Public Library is opening with a new feature: on the seven floors right above the library, there will be 49 affordable housing units. Michelle de la Uz, executive director of Fifth Avenue Committee, a nonprofit that builds affordable housing and which partnered with the Brooklyn Public Library on the project, said she’s excited to see how those tenants engage with the library, and that the branch’s programming and resources could help people feel less isolated.

Linda Johnson, president and CEO of the Brooklyn Public Library, and de la Uz hope to see it replicated, throughout New York and beyond. “There’s an urgent need for affordable housing, and there are a lot of underutilized libraries that need modernization anyway,” de la Uz says. ‘Why not kill two birds with one stone?'”


[Photo: Gregg Richards/courtesy Brooklyn Public Library]
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Author Talk

“The Girl From the Red Rose Motel” is different from her debut, Zurenda said. It follows the story of Hazel Smalls, a homeless high school junior, and Sterling Lovell, an affluent high school senior, in 2012 South Carolina. The story outlines the lessons the two, and their teacher, learn as their relationship grows.

“More than anything, I want people to find meaning in the book, to find something to take away from it,” Zurenda said.

Zurenda’s author talk at the Doctors Bruce and Lee Foundation Library in Florence — 509 S Dargan St. — will be at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 2. She’ll talk about the novel, topics mentioned in her new novel and public school teaching. The event is free and open to the public.

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