Indiana Library Starts Info Service at Homeless Center

The Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library has opened an Information Center at Horizon House, a homeless day center in downtown Indianapolis.

The information center includes three personal computers from which visitors are guided directly to the Library’s Infoport Portal Page and easy-to-access resource links, streamlining the process of receiving the information they need and reducing unnecessary online navigation …

“Access creates opportunity, and this service helps our homeless neighbors pursue goals and overcome barriers that would be more difficult to accomplish otherwise,” commented Carter Wolf, Executive Director of Horizon House.

The Library also is providing a sound station and audio-video equipment for visitors to watch information videos on such topics as career development, resume preparation and GED study. A large collection of reading materials on these topics, including Spanish language materials, will supplement the offerings. Paperback books and magazines will be available for recreational reading.

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On a related note, the nonprofit Schools on Wheels states that the average age of a homeless person in Indianapolis is nine years old.

Schools on Wheels provides one-on-one tutoring and educational mentoring to homeless children, who make up 30% of the city’s homeless population.