About Us

In 1990, the American Library Association adopted Policy 61, Library Services for the Poor. This “Poor People’s Policy” was developed to ensure that libraries are accessible and useful to low-income citizens and to encourage a deeper understanding of poverty’s dimensions, its causes, and ways it can be ended. In 1996, members of the Social Responsibilities … Continue reading “About Us”

Food Recovery and Myths About Hunger

During her recent guest-blogging stint with FreeGovInfo.info, Jessamyn West posted some great information about policies and programs for making use of unwanted or unused food. The most common methods of food recovery are field gleaning, perishable food rescue or salvage (from wholesale and retail food sellers), food rescue (for prepared foods) and nonperishable food collection … Continue reading “Food Recovery and Myths About Hunger”

Broken Beaks: A Children's Book About Homelessness

Broken Beaks is a new children’s book written by Nathaniel Lachenmeyer. It tells the story of an injured sparrow that is befriended by a homeless man. In the words of one reviewer: “The image of the broken beak is well chosen, as it is a simple flaw, easily explained, but still mysterious. Something just snaps, … Continue reading “Broken Beaks: A Children's Book About Homelessness”

Inside L.A.’s Homeless-Industrial Complex / Tracy Rosenthal

“I talk about broken windows in the article because I wanted to figure out what is the policing strategy that’s being used to turn homeless people into a canary in a coal mine of crime. So you have William Bratten, who is the police chief who moves from New York to Los Angeles and back … Continue reading “Inside L.A.’s Homeless-Industrial Complex / Tracy Rosenthal”

Navigating International Conference Opportunities (Free Webinar) May 12

Description: Do you want to learn about opportunities to advance your career by networking with international professionals? After a special introduction by Jim Neal, current IRRT Chair, Loida Garcia-Febo, Mark Mattson, and Gina de Alwis will share different paths to expand careers with international platforms. The presenters will share tips on finding and connecting with … Continue reading “Navigating International Conference Opportunities (Free Webinar) May 12”

Bay County Library System Goes Fine Free

“What’s important is that people use their libraries. We want to make sure that our community has access to the materials and services we provide,” said a statement from the BCLS. “Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have not charged any overdue fines so patrons had one less thing to worry about, so we are already … Continue reading “Bay County Library System Goes Fine Free”

Booklist Committee Volunteers Needed

From picture books onwards, “home” as a predictable, stable and safe place is a central subject despite a significant percentage of people who experience homelessness. These experiences are not often written about and if they are, not positively reflected in literature. To create more equitable literacy learning environments, as well as providing a counterpoint to … Continue reading “Booklist Committee Volunteers Needed”

Social Justice and Public Libraries: Equity Starts with Us

August 12–13, 2019 Charleston County Public Library Charleston, SC October 28–29, 2019 Chicago Public Library Chicago, IL “Libraries across the country are making stronger commitments to equitable library services for all. Librarians, library administrators, library staff, and other stakeholders are encouraged to join us to grow the collective capacity and connections we will need to … Continue reading “Social Justice and Public Libraries: Equity Starts with Us”